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This task was developed by high school and postsecondary mathematics and health sciences educators, and validated by content experts in the Common Core State Standards in mathematics and the National Career Clusters Knowledge & Skills Statements. It was developed with the purpose of demonstrating how the Common Core and CTE Knowledge & Skills Statements can be integrated into classroom learning - and to provide classroom teachers with a truly authentic task for either mathematics or CTE courses.
Health, Medicine and Nursing, علم الجبر, Ratios and Proportions, الإحصائيات والاحتمالات
المدرسة الإعدادية, المدرسة الثانوية, كلية مجتمع /القسم الأدنى, الدراسات المهنية/التقنية
الصف السادس
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Activity/Lab, Lesson Plan
National Association of State Directors of Career Technical Education Consortium
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التعليم المهني التقني
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Edith Bell
on Mar 27, 03:01am Evaluation

Quality of Explanation of the Subject Matter: محدود (1)

Doesn't teach the student the concept but rather has a student perform a procedure. This assignment could be easily done without the student understand the concept of what they are doing. The teacher would need to make accommodations in their lessons to account for this.

Edith Bell
on Mar 27, 03:01am Evaluation

Utility of Materials Designed to Support Teaching: قوي (2)

Doesn't include suggestions for ways to use the materials with a variety of learners.




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