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This lesson unit is intended to help teachers assess how well students can: Understand the concepts of length and area; use the concept of area in proving why two areas are or are not equal; and construct their own examples and counterexamples to help justify or refute conjectures.
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المدرسة الابتدائية القسم الأدنى, المدرسة الابتدائية القسم الأعلى, المدرسة الإعدادية, المدرسة الثانوية
رياض الأطفال, الصف الأول, الصف الثاني, الصف الثالث, الصف الرابع, الصف الخامس, الصف السادس, الصف السابع, الصف الثامن, الصف التاسع, الصف العاشر, الصف الحادي عشر, الصف الثاني عشر
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التقييم, Lesson Plan
Shell Center for Mathematical Education
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Mathematics Assessment Project (MAP)
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مجهول الهوية on Aug 03, 02:09am

Designing Candy Cartons (Grade 6): Students represent three-dimensional candy cartons using nets. They design a box to fit a given an upper limit (the total surface area must fit on a single sheet of paper) that will hold a given volume of candy.

Students are required to draw either an accurate full sized or scale drawing net including flaps necessary for carton construction.

After completing the task, students can analyze sample student work to deepen conceptual understanding.

6.G.4: Rating 3

Applying Angle Theorems (Grade 7):

Students use geometric properties to solve problems. The assessment problems provides information about students understanding of geometric properties. Misconceptions are addressed as students analyze peer solutions. Analysis of student work incorporates Standards for Mathematical practice 3: students critique the reasoning of others.

7.G.6: Rating 2



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