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Keyword Search

Search the SEC with Arabic Terms

In phase one of the SEC site  we have enabled a select set of science and mathematics related keyword searches in Arabic script. These  keyword terms will generate search return on the SEC site.

We have also enabled a limited full text search. This means users can use natural language search in Arabic script to search titles, abstracts, tags, and topics in addition to keywords on over 300 resources.

Arabic Keywords on the SEC Site

Search returns can be created on the SEC site by entering a phrase or  keyword into the Search bar on the homepage, or at in the header of all other page, for example:

A search on the keyword: الرياضيات

Generates the following return:الرياضيات

Keyword returns are also generated by selecting an Arabic keyword term from the tag section of select resources.  For example, from this resource:

the user can select the tag  ثانوي  and generate the following return:

List of Active Arabic Keywords:

These select Arabic keyword terms can used to generate results on the current SEC site.

Humanitiesالعلوم الإنسانية
Mathematics & Statisticsالرياضيات والإحصاء
Social Sciencesالعلوم الاجتماعية
Science & Technologyالعلم والتكنولوجيا

Educational Level
Post-secondaryما بعد الثانوي
Upper Primaryالابتدائية العليا

Algebraعلم الجبر
Animalsجماعة من الحيوان
Arabic Artsالعربية الفنون
Arabic Cultureالثقافة العربية
Arabic Historyالتاريخ العربي
Art and designالفن والتصميم
Arts and Designالفنون والتصميم
Biologyعلم الاحياء
Complex Numbersالأعداد المركبة
Conical sectorsالقطاعات المخروطية
Earth and Spaceالأرض والفضاء
Earth's Gravityجاذبية الارض
Earthquakeهزة أرضية
Earth Sciencesالعلوم الأرض
Earth Systemsنظم الأرض
Electrical Circuitsالدوائر الكهربائية
Electric Currentتيار كهربائي
Energy and Environmentالطاقة والبيئة
Geneticsعلم الوراثة
Geometryعلم الهندسة
Islamic Studiesالدراسات الإسلامية
Life Science        علوم الحياة
Measurement and Dataالقياس والبيانات
Nuclear Fissionالانشطار النووي
Number and Operationsالأعداد والعمليات
Order of Operationsترتيب العمليات
Parabolaالقطع المكافئ
Physical Processesالعمليات الفيزيائية
Probability الاحتماليةالاحتمالات
Quantum Mechanicsميكانيكا الكم
Radiationالطاقة المشعة
Weather, Atmosphereجوالطقس

Advanced Search

About Advanced Searching Options

Advanced search allows users to search for resources with very specific criteria.  

Users may search any combination of the following fields:

  • Qatar Supreme Educational Council (SEC) curriculum standards
  • OER Evaluation Criteria
  • Language
  • Subject Area
  • Grade Level
  • Educational Use
  • Material Type
  • Media Type
  • Accessibility Features (captions, transcripts, audio description)
  • Conditions of Use (Free to change, Free to share, Special Conditions)
  • Member Activity (ratings, comments, and evaluations)

Finding Advanced Search

Users can find Advanced Search by clicking the “Use Advanced Search” link under any search bar on SEC Commons.

Search bars can be found on the Homepage as well as in the Global Navigation section on any page in the SEC Commons

Using Advanced Search

Searching by SEC Standards

Users will need to make sure they have entered all of the following fields in order to correctly search by SEC Standards:

  • Standard Set
  • Grade
  • Strand
  • Focus
  • Alignment tag

*Note: You will only be able to search on Standards which have been tagged on the SEC Site. For example, you will not be able to search for Grade 8 Math Standards if no user has tagged a resource with a Grade 8 Math Standards.

Searching by OER Evaluation Criteria

Users may search for resources that have been evaluated using the Achieve custom rubric for OER Resources.  

This Rubric contains 7 areas in which resources can receive scores:

  • Degree of Alignment
  • Quality Explanation of Subject Matter
  • Quality of Teaching Supports
  • Quality of Assessments
  • Level of Technological Interactivity
  • Quality of Practice Activities
  • Opportunities for Deeper Learning

SEC Alignment Tool

SEC Standards

The Supreme Education Council Commons includes an alignment tool for tagging resources that are aligned to the Qatari Supreme Educational Council (SEC) curriculum standards.  

Educators may use this tool to align OER to the SEC curriculum standards in Mathematics, Science, Arabic, and English.

Finding the Alignment Tool

Users can find the Alignment tool on any resource preview page. The “Align Resource” button can be found on the right hand side of the page in the “Educational Standards” section.

Using The Alignment Tool

Click the “Align Resource Button”

This will bring up a box that asks you to select your Curriculum Standard.  

Select the correct set of standards.

Select correct grade level

Select correct strand

Select correct focus

Select correct alignment tag

Click “Add Selected Tag.”

Viewing your tag.

You can now click the “Close” and you will see your tag added in the “Educational Standards” section. You will see a small “x” next to tags you have added. You can click the “x” to delete these tags.

*Note: You may not delete tags other users have added.  


About Groups

Groups allow users to create collections of shared resources, and to participate in group conversations. Groups can allow anyone to join, or the administrator of a group can approve membership requests.  All resources in shared collections of a group will be publicly visible.

Finding Groups

Users can find Groups by clicking on the “Groups” link in the header on any page in the SEC Commons.

Users can choose to view all Groups which exist on the site by clicking “All Groups” or view only the Groups they are members of, by clicking “My Groups”  

Using Groups

Creating a Group

Users can create a Group by selecting “Create a Group” from the “Groups” drop down menu

Next, the user will need to fill in some information about the group he or she wishes to create

Click the “Next” Button to set Grade Levels and Subjects for your group

Setting Group Permissions

The user can can allow anyone to join the group, or choose to approve all requests to join.

Administering a Group

Once your group has been created, you can adjust settings and add members from the Group settings Panel. You can access this by clicking the tools icon in the upper right-hand corner of the Group Navigation

Adding Group Administrators

Administrators can choose to add as many other administrators to the group as they wish.

Administrators will have the ability to edit:

  • Group Name
  • Group Description
  • Group Grade Levels and Subjects

Administrators will be able to add and remove:

  • Other group members
  • Other group administrators

Group Admins must be registered OER Commons users. In order to add a user as an Admin to your Group, you will need to know the email address that was used to register with OER Commons.

Type this email address in the “Add Admin” field and click the button

Removing Group Administrators

Any Group Admin can remove any other Group Admin.

To remove an Admin, simply click the “Pass Torch” button next to the name of the Administrator you wish to remove.

Creating Collections & Sets

You can create Collections and add Resources in the “Shared Resources” section of your group.

If you have not created a Collection yet, you must first create a Collection before adding Resources. In this example, I have already created a Collection called “Algebra.” You can create as many Collections as you would like.  

You can also create Sets within a Collection. Click on the name of your Collection.

You will see a “+create set” button appear underneath your Collection name.

Here, I have created 3 sets:

Adding A Resource

Next, you can click “Add Resource” if you would like search all resources in the OER Commons for resources to add to your Collection.  Or you can search Resources already shared by other members of your Group, and add them to new collections.

You can save resources to the general Collection (Algebra) or you can choose to save them directly to Sets within the collection (Polynomials, Quadratic Functions, Quadrilaterals)

Group Discussions

You can find Group Discussions by navigating to the “Timeline” Section of your Group.

Adding your first discussion:

Starting a New Discussion

Discussion Settings

You can title and add a description of your Discussion Thread, and adjust privacy settings. You may make your Discussion public to anyone, or make it private to only Group Members.

**If you make your discussion private, ALL Group Members will be able to see it, but those who are not in the Group will not be able to see it.

Learner Options

About Learner Options

Learner Options allows all users to select their viewing preferences, extending access to Open Educational Resources (OER).

Using Learner Options, you may change the way that text displays, enhance layout and navigation of the page, and, determine how the links and buttons appear.

Finding Learner Options

Learner Options can be found in the top right-hand corner of each SEC Commons Page, in the global navigation section.

Using Learner Options

Change the text display

Change Layout and Navigation

Change Links and Buttons

Reset All

To undo all changes you have made to the page, simply click the “Reset All” button in the upper right-hand corner of the tool.

Close Learner Options

Once you are satisfied with the changes you have made to the page, you can click the Minus “-” Sign next to “Learner Options in the lower right-hand side of the tool.

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