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This lesson is a re-engagement lesson designed for learners to revisit a problem-solving task they have already experienced. Students will activate prior knowledge of graphical representations through the 'what's my rule' number talk; compare and contrast two different learners' interpretations of the growing pattern; use multiple representations to demonstrate how one of these learners would represent the numeric pattern; make connections between the different representations to more critically compare the two interpretations. (5th/6th Grade Math)
Numbers and Operations
Upper Primary, Middle School
Grade 5, Grade 6
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Activity/Lab, Lecture, Lesson Plan, Teaching/Learning Strategy
Noyce Foundation
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Inside Mathematics
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SY HIDOE on Aug 15, 08:21pm

This resource provides a nice visual format for teachers to see how a lesson might run in the classroom. It addresses a portion of 5.OA.3 and 4.OA.5. It shows a nice connection between how you might take a lesson from working with a visual pattern, to the more symbolic level of graphing an equation on a coordinate plane. It is a nice example of helping students develop Math Practice #2, among others.

EK HIDOE on Jul 17, 05:26pm

This video resource aligns with CCSS-M 5.OA.3. It does align with 4.OA.5 as well in how it pertains to generating number patterns but since it refers to ordered pairs and graphing them in a coordinate plane, this resource aligns more closely with the 5th grade standard. The video is broken down into parts which takes the viewer through the process of developing the lesson, execution of the lesson, and a debrief on the learning. Each part offers some insight into how we must attend to both content and the learning we want to take place. That being said, this resource also aligns to several Standards for Mathematical Practice (SMP), specifically SMPs #1, 2, 3, and 7. During various video segments, it displays how we want our students to be engaged in the learning through discussions and hands-on work. The reference to the 'Buttons' task in relation to the use of an input/output table assist in making connections for the learners.



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